He Provides the Shoes

Readers Respond to Karen's Inspiring Story

Comments from readers of He Provides the Shoes, Walking with God through Breast Cancer

from Joan Fell, Executive Director
Breast Cancer Awareness — Cumberland Valley, Inc.

"You recently dropped off a copy of your book to our office at Breast Cancer Awareness — Cumberland Valley. Such wonderful insight into the journey through diagnosis and treatment!"

from Heidi Roseman

"Well, so much for self-control — I finished your book by 2pm yesterday and I was SO sad when it was over. I could have kept reading and reading …

"I just LOVE all the poems you wrote — especially the one with 'Mother' in the middle — very sweet. And all the verses just filled with great hope for not only big ugly cancer battles, but also just everyday little battles. So thanks for that! It came along at the perfect time for me. I've only read a few books in my lifetime where I know that because of reading it I will be a different person from this day on. This is one of those books. I will never see those pink ribbons again without thinking of your journey. Or sing "What a friend we have in Jesus" without thinking of you.

"You have touched me deeply. Thanks for sharing of yourself, being so open, and allowing us the honor of feeling like we've known you forever. I pray God continues to direct you with your passion and gift of writing. And I pray He blesses you with continued health and joy for each new day!  You are one special lady!"

from Norma Blank

"I just thought your book was incredible. Your transparency, honesty, vulnerability was priceless. I'm not really one who cries easily, especially when reading, but my eyes were filled with tears before I turned the first page.

"It was so touching to read about all the ladies that overextended themselves in reaching out to you with food, childcare, etc! What a blessing! It was so encouraging to my heart to read how God went over and above in providing all that you needed, just when you needed it! I just stand in amazement of Him!

"Thanks so much for allowing God to use you through your book. I'm cheering for you, friend! I have always admired your humble, caring, generous ways and after reading your book, that admiration tripled! Many, many blessings to you!"

from Paula Kline

"At first I couldn't read [your book] because I didn't want to be reminded about my cancer. I just picked it up yesterday and finished it today. It was uplifting to know that you had the same thoughts that I have almost every day about the recurrence and that you stumbled sometimes with your faith. I sometimes put my whole faith in God, but then I backslide so much and am so despondent. I'm truly working on it, though. … thanks for your book."

from Denise Salvucci

"I started your book about 10:00AM on Wednesday and finished it about 9:00AM on Thursday.  I thought the book was wonderfully written.

"I had no idea what an ordeal it is for someone to suffer from a more aggressive form of cancer.  The trips to the oncology center every couple of days, the hours spent receiving the infusions, the suffering of the people around you, and all the medicines and subsequently the horrible side effects made my heart ache for you and for the others. Your medical information would prove invaluable for someone like me with very little knowledge of what is involved. But even more importantly, the reader will be a little more prepared for the unexpected risks, setbacks, and disappointments that accompany the chemotherapy.

"I learned how you view the world and especially how your faith influences your thinking. This has inspired me to question some of my views and how my faith is integrated into my life on a daily basis.

"I was very impressed with the intimacy of the book and how you didn't shy away from expressing your most personal and sometimes embarrassing thoughts. You really 'put yourself out there,' which I think will be invaluable to other people who are going through a similar situation. They may be comforted knowing that some of your thoughts are similar to theirs, and that everyone loses hope sometimes, but that it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to give up the fight.

"I enjoyed the poems that you included; I thought they were quite clever and I received a good laugh now and then, which was needed considering the serious subject of your book.

"I think that everyone who reads your book will reap many benefits from the experience, and I plan to recommend it to my friends."


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