He Provides the Shoes

More than a breast cancer survivor …

Biography of Karen L. Holmes

"I never thought that I would write this book — or any book, for that matter — because I never dreamed that I would be diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and subsequently feel God’s prodding to write about my journey. God knew, however. He not only knew that breast cancer could happen to me, but He actually planned that it would. It’s easy for us to read such a bold statement and ask, “But why would God allow such a thing to happen?” This is perhaps the most perplexing question that has, at the very least, intrigued each one of us, and at the very worst, mentally tortured us, since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden thousands of years ago (as recorded in the book of Genesis).

"God has taught me, however, that although we will never know the answers to many heart wrenching questions we’re face with through the course of a lifetime, He does know all the answers. As you delve into the pages of this book, it is my prayer that you will discover, as I have, just how intimately God walks with us during our deepest trial. I invite you to “walk” with me through my cancer journey and discover for yourself just how faithful He is, even when — no, especially when, we do not understand the painful events that are taking place in our lives, and we find ourselves asking “why” over and over again. Join me in my walk with God!"

Karen Holmes is a three-year breast cancer survivor. She holds both a Bachelor of Science degree (1984) and a Master of Science degree (1996) in Nursing from Pennsylvania State University. Her work experience includes sixteen years of adult Neurosurgical nursing, nursing research, and the clinical instruction of nursing students. She speaks in local churches and support groups about breast cancer awareness, cancer prevention, and especially about her own personal journey through breast cancer. An avid runner, she enjoys participating in local 5-Kilometer races, frequently encouraging numerous friends to lace up their running shoes and compete alongside her. She resides in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, with her husband Brian, and three children, Patrick, Melissa and Caroline.

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